Total Facilities Management Ltd is a Facilities Management Company in Nigeria. It was established on May 12, 1997 to deliver high quality facilities management value to both the public and private sectors.
Our value offering of integrated facilities management services seeks to assist our numerous clients to achieve their achieve objectives and derive optimum benefits from their investments. We have specialists’ skills and experiences in facilities management/maintenance and also provide soft services especially in the areas of landscaping, cleaning, integrated pest management, waste management & other environmental maintenance services.

We offer a wide range of Facility Management services and assist our numerous clients to achieve their objectives and derive optimum benefits from their investments. We have established a sound facility management system that is both effective and efficient. We have specialist skills and experiences in Facilities Management/Maintenance and also provide support services especially in the area of Landscaping, Cleaning, Fumigation, Pest control, Waste Management and other Environmental Maintenance Services.

At TOTAL FACILITIES MANAGEMENT LTD (TFML), our business development strategy is anchored on customer satisfaction and retention. Our corporate philosophy as far as business development is concerned is to maintain a long term relationship with our clients, not just profit. We have over the years built relationships which has also made us to adopt international best practices, diversified and yet operating client-tailored bouquet of services. Thus: Our ‘One Stop Total Solution’.

We have in our employment, staff strength of over 400 personnel inclusive of both technical and support staff. These staff are experienced, well trained and are keenly supervised by professionals to ensure efficient and quality services.


  • One Partner for a variety of works
  • Benchmarking of service delivery
  • Optimum performance of your facilities/properties at a reduced cost.
  • Commitment to Excellence and Professionalism
  • Improvement in efficiency, and enhanced services.
  • Creating value for money


  •  As a Company, we are committed to health and safety of our employees and all
    Those we come into contact with.
  • Through assessments we have drawn up practices and procedures to control the
    hazards that are unavoidable in our line of work.
  • We follow the approved codes of practice in our efforts to keep all risks to a
  • We use training, both in-house and from outside bodies as a key feature in
    ensuring our work is carried out safely.
  • All our work practices are practical, ensuring that work is actually carried out


We ensure satisfactory standards of employee competency, conduct, cleanliness, appearance and integrity and shall be responsible for taking such disciplinary action with respect to employees as required. The following measures are taken:

  • SECURITY: It is our policy to run background checks on all staff. We shall provide necessary information of any personnel if and when required.
  • UNIFORMS: Our personnel shall be attired in clean, neat and identifiable uniforms at all times while on duty within and around the premises.
  • IDENTITY CARDS: We shall issue identity cards to our personnel, they shall display identity card(s) on the uniform at all times while providing services.
  • ETIQUETTE: Disorderly conduct, use of abusive or offensive language, quarreling, intimidation by words or actions and fighting shall not be condoned.

While on duty, no staff of TOTAL FACILITIES MANAGEMENT LTD. TFML shall be allowed to possess, sell, consume or be under the influence of intoxicants drugs or substances that produce similar effects.
All employees shall be in good health without physical disabilities that would interfere with acceptable performance of their duties. Finally, all employees shall be free from communicable diseases.